May 22, 2010

Oh so pretty

I am referring to the forms, of course.


Novation V-statsion FAIL

V-statsion: so powerful, it breaks your fingers.

Congratulations Novation, you're getting better by the minute.

Source: Official Novation newsletter

Sent in by: zend43

May 18, 2010

STL fail

Confucius say: not doing take less time than doing!


Goddammit, Microsoft

Stop imitating Embarcadingdong!

May 15, 2010

CodeGear: That about sums it up

But wait, there's more...

May 13, 2010

ionworx fail

Ionworx - awesome website, awesome software. Here are some highlights.

Don't have internet and not will valid - wat do? :(

Unique ! arould the world.

I loev reducing delevery delays!

I can has active?

The typical ionworx user - demented but happy.

And please remember to left them a message via remotely control.

Why, yes...

He looks like he really enjoys penetrating new... market segments.