March 22, 2009

Necrovision License Fail

Necrovision is a horrible, horrible 3rd person shooter in a similar setting as the upcoming Wolfenstein game, which is likely to be ruled out by this junk anyway.

Just like quite a few other games this game uses lots of wave sounds created (or at least saved) with an pirated copy of Sound Forge 4.5. Actually this one which is quite well known around the web and was cracked by a guy who goes by the handle of Deepz0ne, part of the former cracking group Radium. His idea was to take his name and use it as default value for the 'Engineer' field which - unless it is disabled or modified - is written to every single saved file as meta data. In case that you ever stumble upon .wav files with an "engineer" called 'Deepz0ne' you can safely assume that it was created with an illegal copy of SoundForge.

The Necrovision PC game itself comes with a big datafile called sounds.pak. Just fire it up in your favourite hex editor and have a look: It contains around 1629 .wav files. and 322 of them are branded 'Deepz0ne' ;-)

Well done 1C Publishing, or whoever is responsible for these 322 samples. Poor Sonic Foundry was bought by the rancid douchebags over at Sony just because of folks like you! Shame on you! Jesus hates you!

Okay, wait, all cynicism aside: You may wonder how many of your favorite games incorporate material created using illegal copies of various tools. And the best part about it: The developer's don't even know they're leaving fingerprints all over the place. It's like jerking off at the forensic's lab.


March 21, 2009

Thank you, Germany

Thank you. Thank you, for

Uwe Boll - blockbuster b-movie director and producer producing retarded c*beep*su*beep* dumbf*beep* a*beep*r*beep*
Thomas Gottschalk - showmaster cancerous ulcer
Ulli Lommel - world-class director unfortunate lowlife
Udo Kier - award-winning actor Germany's next porn star
Dieter Bohlen - modern talker small rotten animals live in his face folds
Ralf Möller - blockbuster wannabe actor Arnold
Til Schweiger - great awful actor (he could be good, but that's not gonna happen)
Daniel Küblböck - just GTFO

Thank you,

March 19, 2009

Special Toilet

I feel honored.

March 18, 2009


I've honestly never seen such a screwed up website like MySpace before. Actually, it must be the worst and - by far - least professional website in the vicinity of Betelgeuse and beyond. I always keep asking myself if it can get any more miserable. Yes, it can.

Have a look at the private messages they're sending out, this one coming from MySpace UK:

Who the hell designs these things? Metally retarded animals?

MySpace, please stop.

Please click here for more information about MySpace

March 17, 2009

Atomic Fail

So, apparently this is a screenshot of some control system in the new nucular nuclear power plant in Bushehr, Iran. In case you can't read the error message, it says:

"Your software license has expired.

Please obtain a valid license."

I for one feel very optimistic about this project.


March 16, 2009

Quake Live Stats Fail

By now we know the dev's over at seem to have serious problems with basic math, especially related to statistics.

But have you ever wondered how many fingers they actually have on their hands? That's right, 15. Need be, for faster coding.

March 14, 2009

Hindi Profane Words

Have you ever wanted to understand people swearing, cursing, cussing and insulting in the Hindi Language?

Here's your chance:

Wait-wait-wait, what't that doing here? Oh right: WIN!

March 13, 2009

You got Sift-rolled!

I remember having a nice video of mine plus my account banned along with some harsh
comments, just because someone else added it to VideoSift pretty quickly after I had put
it on YouTube, thanks to some jerks part of the lovely completely mostly suck-axx
community over there. So that's how the Sift is intended to work? I don't think so.

Well... one word for you: Karma.

If you're one of the many VideoSift suckers: You got Sift-rolled! Now go whine in a corner.

If you're part of the nice half of VideoSift users: Sucks :(

But seriously now: start checking your backups dudes. That's not funny.

March 7, 2009

Developers only: wchar_t EPIC FAIL

Please skip this, unless you have a clue what wchar_t means.

"For most characters they were only wasting one byte (as opposed
to three bytes in UTF-32), but could still assume most characters
where just 16-bits (as opposed to UTF-8 which escaped anything
not ASCII). Life was good."

"Meanwhile, Unix vendors had decided that wasting one byte was
insufficient, and that wasting three bytes per character was
definitely the way to go."

Article is here:

Maybe it's time to stop smoking pot while setting up new standards

March 4, 2009

Eighties word processing

No wonder, them files are ooold...

But no support for Word '76 :(

It's also called multi-lunching

You can often lunch the program on the beginning of the work.

Why? Because variety frighten!

IMDb staff on their coffee break

A pretty long coffee break...

I've contacted them several times about this. Still it took them more than a year to fix this broken macro ;-) ... FAIL? FAIL!


It's hard to be cool...

Especially when your name is Nvidia.

The fabric of every developer's dreams

What a library name...

Source: ... umm, no, wait ... that's not it ;-)

March 2, 2009

BCB Peek-A-Boo!

We all know what happens if you let an infinite number of monkeys write stuff on an infinite number of typewriters... But what if you only use a few monkeys and let them write code instead? Well...

So, what is the best way to determine whether a header file belongs to a source file? Comparing filenames? Too obvious! Using the file explicitly named in the project file? Too reliable! No, let's rely on undocumented and arbitrary naming conventions of the #include guard!