April 5, 2011

Firefox 4 file picker FAIL

Random no-text error message. All fine, IF the dialog wasn't still open ;)

April 4, 2011

Fail of the month: Embarcadingdong RAD Studio XE

IDE crashing constantly - ✓

C++ Compiler completely and utterly broken beyond repair - ✓

Gazillions of little bugs that make me wanna kill myself - ✓

Autocompletion slow as ever - ✓

Boost support even worse than before - ✓

Completely fuck the IDE by trying to import an icon with PNG compression - ✓

The list goes on...

Oh boy, can't wait for x64 and C++0x "support", that'll probably make my PC implode.

March 21, 2011


While trying to delete a profile photo.

March 10, 2011

Education Fail

No wait, it's a win! :p


February 10, 2011

You're a bich!

From Native Instruments Traktor Scratch promotion (see track name on left deck):


February 8, 2011