March 22, 2009

Necrovision License Fail

Necrovision is a horrible, horrible 3rd person shooter in a similar setting as the upcoming Wolfenstein game, which is likely to be ruled out by this junk anyway.

Just like quite a few other games this game uses lots of wave sounds created (or at least saved) with an pirated copy of Sound Forge 4.5. Actually this one which is quite well known around the web and was cracked by a guy who goes by the handle of Deepz0ne, part of the former cracking group Radium. His idea was to take his name and use it as default value for the 'Engineer' field which - unless it is disabled or modified - is written to every single saved file as meta data. In case that you ever stumble upon .wav files with an "engineer" called 'Deepz0ne' you can safely assume that it was created with an illegal copy of SoundForge.

The Necrovision PC game itself comes with a big datafile called sounds.pak. Just fire it up in your favourite hex editor and have a look: It contains around 1629 .wav files. and 322 of them are branded 'Deepz0ne' ;-)

Well done 1C Publishing, or whoever is responsible for these 322 samples. Poor Sonic Foundry was bought by the rancid douchebags over at Sony just because of folks like you! Shame on you! Jesus hates you!

Okay, wait, all cynicism aside: You may wonder how many of your favorite games incorporate material created using illegal copies of various tools. And the best part about it: The developer's don't even know they're leaving fingerprints all over the place. It's like jerking off at the forensic's lab.


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